Roseon Finance ($ROSN) today announced the partnership with Polygon (previously Matic Network) as Roseon continues its mission to support multi-chains in its mobile aggregator app.

The Details of The Partnership

Under the partnership arrangement with Polygon, Roseon Finance will access Polygon’s network of resources and take advantage of Polygon’s fast transaction processing times and low transaction fees. This will make the ecosystem a lot more flexible and interoperable as the Roseon mobile app gets ready to launch. Roseon Finance will also support the Polygon ecosystem and integrate the $MATIC token in the Roseon app allowing easy access to all DeFi and NFT applications in the Polygon network.

The partnership with Polygon/Matic follows on similar collaborations announced with KardiaChain and Mantra Dao. The partnership with Roseon is the first for Polygon with a Mobile Yield Aggregator, a NFT aggregator and a mobile marketplace.

Allan Ta, CEO of Roseon Finance said: “This is a truly exciting partnership and the decision to partner with Matic is an absolute no-brainer. It is an honor to be the first mobile yield aggregator that Polygon is partnering with and Roseon will continue to build relevant and awesome partnerships to enhance and improve the Roseon platform and make the $ROSN token more versatile.”

About Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance ($ROSN) is a mobile yield aggregator that manages your crypto + NFT portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks. Acting as the gateway to DeFi, Roseon Mobile is a crypto finance app, currently available on Android (iOS version will be released soon), that was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centric design. Roseon has its own utility token $ROSN, with a total supply of 100 million, which is used for staking, transaction fees, and participating in tiered products and services on its mobile app.

Roseon Mobile is a mobile crypto app that tightly integrates with CeFi and DeFi services within a single interface to help simplify the crypto investing experience.

Roseon Aggregator Service integrates with external CeFi and DeFi sources to bring liquidity and yield optimization into the Roseon ecosystem.

Roseon.DeFi is a decentralized yield farming application , the DApp (Decentralised Application) will be designed to provide liquidity pools, swaps and yield aggregation as it will interact with the other DeFi services. The goal of optimizing DeFi users’ yield farming at the lowest possible cost.

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AboutPolygon (previously Matic Network)

Matic Network solves the problems of slow block confirmations and high gas fees by utilizing an adapted version of the Plasma framework (Plasma MoreVP). It provides a solution for faster and extremely low-cost transactions with finality on the main chain. Matic aims to eventually provide an ecosystem wherein developers can build apps to target mass adoption. The project is backed by the likes of Coinbase, Binance, and MIH Ventures. Its list of existing partners includes Decentraland, MakerDAO, Zebi, and Hey Coral.

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