IDO Update

Roseon Finance successfully completed its dual IDO on Yellow Road and BSCPad yesterday at a public round token price of USD0.15. We wish to thank our community and supporters on this milestone as we continue our roadmap journey.

$ROSN is available on Pancakeswap:

Team Wallets

The company wallets have also been established as follows:

  • Rewards: No lock and controlled and released by the team as required for LP staking
  • Marketing/Community: No lock and controlled and released by the team
  • Partnerships/Exchange: No lock and controlled and released by the team as required for partnerships and exchange listing
  • Reserve: No lock and controlled and released by the team as required for operations
  • Team: Locked for 12 months and then released 25% per quarter
  • Advisors: Locked for 6 months and then released 1/6 monthly

App and Product Update

The app has been available for three weeks on Google Play and the response has been overwhelming and very positive. We conducted a pre-mining campaign in the app to test the useability and scalability and no issues were encountered. The participation in the mobile platform exceeded even our highest expectations and we received very positive feedback from our users.

We are currently in the final due diligence process to obtain our crypto licence and we expect this to be completed within this month. The licence includes an e-wallet licence allowing us to manage crypto in our app and a crypto exchange licence for converting fiat to crypto in our app. Once the licence process is completed, the app will be formally launched.


Special staking and rewards programs will be continually introduced, which will allow Roseon users to participate in attractive return enhancing opportunities.

Our first strategic rewards partnership with MANTRA DAO will offer support of PancakeSwap’s $ROSN/$BNB LP staking Pool. Roseon is fully committed to bring the best DeFi services and yield opportunities for our community, and we are excited to be partnering with MANTRA DAO to further connect and distribute the $ROSN utility token to a wider community. Full details of the Staking and Rewards Program will be released within the coming days.

Roseon is committed to bring DeFi and NFTs to a global audience and will continue to seek new partnerships and opportunities for our app users. We are also finalizing additional exciting strategic partnerships and these will be announced very shortly which will provide additional rewards boost to those who are currently LPs on PancakeSwap for ROSN.


Q: How come Roseon is not listed on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko?

A: We have submitted our documentation to Coinmarketcap and expect the $ROSN token to be listed shortly.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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