Roseon Finance

Decentralized Finance has changed the shape of the financial world, with participants now able to partake in a whole new system of passive income generation without the necessity of third-parties agents and their intermediate costs. Core to this is yield farming and the ability to earn tokens by taking part in the staking within liquidity pools. Many potential users are interested in entering the world of DeFi and whilst the amount of crypto flowing into decentralized platforms is continuously increasing, there are barriers for many retail users including a steep learning curve due to the complexity of the instruments and speed of market evolution.

  • Swap: A CEX and DEX aggregator that acquires the best exchange rates from decentralized exchanges for Roseon users, even splitting the order across multiple CEXs and DEXs to ensure lowest cost of swap.
  • Yield Farming: A multi-chain DeFi aggregator that will bring various liquidity pools, yield farms from various platforms into the mobile app.
  • Portfolio Manager: A tool allowing you to create, monitor and rebalance your own crypto (main and altcoin) portfolio.
  • NFT Gallery: Create, buy, sell and view your crypto art ad collection.
  • Hybrid Key Management: This is the most unique feature of Roseon Mobile. It will come with the capability to have users manage their own keys or let Roseon manage them.

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