Roseon Finance, a multi-chain mobile first yield aggregator, today announced the completion of a $2.1m seed and private sale rounds with strong support from prominent blockchain and DeFi industry backers.

The funds will be used for the continued development of the Roseon mobile application and future expansion of the business and ecosystem. The funding round was led by X21 Digital, Alphabit, AU21, Kardia Ventures, Genblock, Moonwhale and PetRock Capital.

“We are pleased to be a supporter of Roseon,” said Lester Lim, founder of X21 Digital. “DeFi is in the initial stages of adoption and we believe Roseon is in an enviable position with a quality product that is near launch. We look forward to working with the management team to deliver on their roadmap and milestones.”

Roseon is a multi-chain mobile first yield aggregator that simplifies DeFi and brings DeFi opportunities. Other features include providing Swap and NFTs marketplace access to anyone with a mobile phone, allowing users to manage their crypto and digital tokens from wherever they go.

Its mission is to simplify the DeFi world, bring mobile access to the DeFi opportunities and features to users wherever and whenever. Roseon envisions a better world with a high degree of financial independence and decentralization and by simplifying the gateway to the features and benefits of DeFi, it opens opportunities to a wider pool of users. As the DeFi space continues to evolve, additional projects and features will be added, aggregating access to other DeFi strategies and mixed services with different and varied principles and features.

Roseon Co-founder Allan Ta said: “We are very excited to receive the support from so many high calibre players and pleased to have our valued partners join us in our journey. The past month has been extremely busy with the team primarily focused on the seed and private sale activities.”

“We were heavily oversubscribed and made the decision to trim down some allocations to ensure that certain strategic partners would be able to participate in our Private round. These partners will be helping us with our long term goals and objectives. Roseon has now closed the seed and private rounds and our next key date will be the IDO scheduled May 10, 2021. At present, we have a whitelist of over 2,000 interested parties. We believe the public sale will also be a success,” said Ta.

About Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance is a multichain mobile first yield aggregator + NFT. Through the easy-to-use Roseon mobile application and web interface, Roseon simplifies DeFi and brings DeFi opportunities. Other features include Swap and NFTs portal access to anyone with a mobile phone and a browser allowing users to manage their crypto and digital tokens from wherever they go. Roseon will have its own utility token called ROSN, with a total supply of 100 million.

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